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How to Cancel & Return Order in AJIO:-Being trendy never goes out of style. Online retailers play a significant role in making fashion trends accessible to all. One such e-commerce site, Ajio, has been making clothing and lifestyle products available to the public. It is a company that sells clothing, footwear, and accessories via the internet. Ajio is currently one of the largest online fashion and lifestyle players. It is owned and operate by Reliance Retail. It sells goods from domestic and international specialty brands. Additionally, the retailer sells a variety of clothing and lifestyle products under its own private label. For men, women, and children, Ajio has a large selection of stylish and trendy products.

Shopping for fashion items online can be challenging because it can be difficult to determine the ideal size. A product must be return, exchanged, or cancel in these situations. Read on for more information about Ajio’s return and cancellation policies.

How to Cancel & Return Order in AJIO

E-commerce sites have made life easier by letting people shop from their phones or computers. Because the product is delivered right to your door, the services help you save time and money. Today, thousands of e-commerce websites offer inexpensive worldwide shipping services. Any order can be paid for with credit cards, debit cards, or online e-wallets. Businesses can now market and sell their products online, so there is no longer a need for brick-and-mortar stores.

Cancel & Return Order in AJIO

Indians have access to numerous online stores that sell a wide range of goods and services. Your mobile phone makes it simple to shop for clothes, shoes, electronics, beauty products, household goods, and clothing. The country register a number of online stores, including the Ajio app and website. Mukesh Ambani founded the platform, a well-known online application develop by Reliance Retail.

How to Cancel & Return Order in AJIO Details

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Ajio is well-known, particularly among fashion enthusiasts outside of India. Under Mukesh Ambani’s leadership, the website is a Reliance Retail subsidiary. With thousands of users downloading the app and making purchases from the platform, Ajio has gainer traction. It’s a versatile app because there are a lot of register sellers and products. Ajio offers electronics, fashion, and lifestyle brands. Check out the Ajio app or website if you’re looking for high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Ajio Policies

Ajio has establish site policies in order to provide high-quality services. The policies make room for both the seller and the buyer, providing a solid foundation for the terms of the purchase.

Cancellation policy

Through email, the buyer can cancel an order at any Time. The user must, however, cancel the order before it is shipper or deliverer. Once the order and product are deliverer to the logistic company, the website or company sends the recipient a unique identifier (number). The ID makes it easier to monitor the delivery status. For a refund to be process, customers must cancel their order before it is sent out.


Return policy

Depending on the product that was purchase, different return days are provide by the policy. Toys, electronics, and fashion items, among others, must be returner within seven to fifteen days of delivery. However, the items shouldn’t be damage and should still have their tags attaché. Once the item has been deliverer, it should be inspect to ensure that it is in good condition.

Privacy policy

Any other platform should not make use of buyers’ or sellers’ information on Ajio. Personal information and contact information are kept private and are not made public.

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How to Cancel Order in AJIO?

A user might want to return or cancel their order for a number of reasons, depending on some Ajio policy details. After confirming and approving the claims, the business grants the request. To support their claims, the user is require to send photos and an email. If the item is the wrong size, color, or both, one may choose to return it. Buyers should send a detail email to [email protected] once they have determine that the product has a defect or wish to cancel their order.

The user should include their name, order date, and unique tracking ID. The details will be check by the Ajio team, and if the refund is approve, it will be process within two business days. The money will be sent back to the bank account or Ajio wallet. The money is returned to the payment method used during the purchase by the website. If the item has already been shipper, a cancellation request will be denier. Before making a cancellation request, buyers must monitor the status.

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How to Cancel / Return / Exchange AJIO Products Step By Step?

  • Navigate to the Ajio website and sign in with your credentials to access the page.
  • To access the section on recent orders, select “my accounts.”
  • Click the direct link at to select the item you wish to return or cancel.
  • Select either the “cancel” or “return” tab.
  • The order will be cancel by the system.
  • Select the “return/exchange” option to make a request for a return.
  • The “return ID” will be provide on the page to assist with the return and refund procedures.
  • The item’s pickup date and refund date will be determine on the website.

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