Cashback Credit Cards Benefits, Features, Reviews, How to Apply Step by Step Full Guide?

Cashback Credit Cards –Every time you use your credit card to shop, you can earn money for your account. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? A cashback credit card works just like that. Having said that, there are specific details to keep in mind when selecting the best option for you. We have compiled the most important information you should know about cashback credit cards in this guide.

Cashback Credit Cards

One of the most well-liked offers right now is cashback. Customers who shop online are aware of how cashback works. To get customers to spend more and shop more, digital wallets, food delivery apps, and e-commerce portals all offer cashback offers. A cashback credit card gives you a percentage of the money you spend back whenever you tap, swipe, or pay with it—online or offline. It can be credited to your account in the form of cash or reward points.

There are various kinds of cashback credit cards. The cashback feature is available on some cards all year long, while others only make it available at certain times, like during festival sales, for example. The majority of cashback credit cards typically only offer this feature for a limited number of purchases, such as fuel, utility bills, or dining and shopping at a select number of merchants. Today, a number of cards give you cashback on all purchases, no matter what they are.

Cashback Credit Cards

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What is Cashback?

Cashback is a Mastercard perk where a level of qualify buys made on the Visa is repaid to the cardholder. The idea of cashback got some momentum in 1986 when Find Monetary Administrations, a division of Morgan Stanley, sent off a Mastercard with no yearly expenses, a higher-than-ordinary credit limit, and a cashback reward on specific buys.

How Do Cashback Credit Cards Work?

Cashback is credit to your account as a percentage of the total amount spent each time you use the card. For instance, if your credit card offers 1% cashback, you will receive Rs. 10 rupees for every 1000 spent. Depending on the card you choose, cashback can be deposit monthly or annually into your account.

The cash you earn on most cashback cards is added to your credit card balance, lowering your monthly payments. Rewards points instead of cash are offer by some cards. These reward points can then be used to pay for other purchases.

Understanding Cashbacks

Credit card companies primarily use cashback, which is essentially a reward or incentive, to encourage customers to make more frequent purchases on credit. A credit card’s cashback feature lets cardholders earn a percentage of eligible spend, usually between 0.25% and 5%. For instance, the Simply Cash TM Preferer Card from American Express offers 2% cashback on all purchases made with the card.

The most prevalent forms of cashback are as follows:

Flat rate cashback

receiving cashback at a fixed rate, regardless of the type of purchase. A model would be the recently framed American Express’ SimplyCashTM Favorer Card, which has a level 2% cashback rate.

Tiered rate

a cashback rate that varies with annual spending For instance, a cashback rate of 0.5 percent for annual spending less than $5,000 and 1.0 percent for annual spending more than $5,000.


Different rate cashback

(base on the type of expenditure): The rates for this kind of cashback vary base on where the money is spent. There may be a 1% cashback on supermarket spend, for instance; There may be a 3% cashback on fuel spending, etc.
The cashback amount is sometimes limit to a certain amount each year. Reading the fine print on your credit card is critical.

Redeeming Cashback

It is important for readers to be aware that some cashback credit cards have minimum redemption requirements. Read the fine print on your credit card carefully once more. Depending on the terms of the credit card, cashback can typically be redeemer in one of the following ways:

Bank deposit

The cashback is transferrer immediately to your savings or checking account.

Credit on statement

Your current credit card balance is directly reduced by the cashback. If, for instance, your cashback is worth $2 and your credit card balance is $100, the applicable payment amount on your statement would be $98.

Gift card

The cashback is given back as a gift card that can be use at stores.

How Do Credit Card Companies Make Money From Cashback?

When eligible purchases are made, cashback benefits consumers without a doubt. But how does the credit card company benefit from cashback? The credit card company would split with the customer a portion of the merchant’s transaction fee—typically around 2%—in a cashback transaction. The following illustrates this:

A cashback transaction may give the impression that the credit card company is losing money, but this is not always the case. First, it’s helpful to remember credit card companies’ business models. When customers use their credit cards, credit card companies get a small fee from merchants. Consequently, credit card companies offer cashback on their credit cards to encourage customers to use their credit cards more frequently than cash or debit cards, which do not result in fees for the company.

Due to the attractiveness of the cashback, customers may also spend more on their credit cards, resulting in higher interest payments for credit card companies from late payments. Last but not least, cashback credit cards may charge an annual fee, generating additional revenue for card issuers.

How to Apply for The Cashback Credit Card?

If you want, you can get the Cashback Card in any way, online or offline. To apply independently, visit the nearest Branch and complete the available application form there. Nevertheless, for the online procedure, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Credit Cards section of the Bank official website
  • From the choices, select the Cashback Card.
  • Choose “Apply Now.”
  • To proceed, complete the remaining information.

Documents Required

To apply for a Cashback Card, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Identity Proof: A driver’s license, an Aadhar card, a PAN card, a voter’s ID, and so on.
  • Address Proof: Utility bills, Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, Passport, etc.
  • Income Proof: The most recent audited ITR from the previous three months, bank statements, salary slips, or.


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