EPFO Unified Member Portal 2023 Passbook, Balance Check, Employer Registration

EPFO Unified Member Portal:-India is made up of millions of people who live in different states and are unite by various programs that keep workers together. The purpose of social security programs is to provide insurance, medical care, and housing for employees approaching retirement age and their families. Schemes that provide the three benefits most frequently are rarely concentrate on particular states.

The employee provident fund, or EPF for short, is the topic of this article. Under the umbrella organization EPFO, which oversees the requirements of employees, the funds are pooled together. A new page on the Indian government’s website provides workers with information about their EPF and how much they have saved. The official portal, https://www.epfindia.gov.in, is accessible to all Indian workers and employers.

EPFO Unified Member Portal 2023

This official social security program allows all private and public sector employees to sign up for benefits when they reach retirement age. Organizations and businesses with more than 20 employees are eligible for the program, but employees with fewer than 20 can also apply. Monthly, the employer deducts 12% of the employee’s salary from the employee’s paycheck as part of the savings. The ministry of labor and employment’s central boards of trustees benefit from the organization. The organization was found on March 4, 1952, and its headquarters are in Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan.

EPFO Unified Member Portal

EPFO Unified Member Portal 2023 Details

Portal Name EPFO Unified Member Portal
Year In 2023
Application Procedure Online
Benefits Online Portal Facility
Category Current Affair
Official Website www.epfindia.gov.in

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Employees Offers the following services

  • Pension schemes for the employees
  • Insurance benefits for the registered members.
  • Provident fund
  • The bilateral agreements on social security that serve as the agent

Online or at the corporate headquarters, employees must register for the EPF through the unify portal. The National Datac entry is also in the Dwarka EPFO complex, specifically at plot number 23 sector 23, on the first floor. This is the common center that employees at the New Delhi 110075 can easily access. However, the EPFO has added a toll-free number that employees can use to get in touch with the help desk. The number is available from 9:15 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. during normal business hours. The EPFO now has a Ministry of Labor and Employment Facebook page and a Twitter handle, @LabourMinistry, thanks to the recent digital transformation.

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Vision and mission of the EPFO

The EPFO aspires to be a world-class social security system that takes the place of employees who provide cutting-edge services. the kind of services that can meet the needs of all parties involve. The following is the focus of the vision:

  • Its goal is to become a mandatory social security system that provides all employees with pension benefits, insurance, and provident funds.
  • Using a method known as stat of the art, the EPFO hopes to offer online services to all beneficiaries through a unify portal.
  • Provide the best policy that can be implement to support the plan and employees’ benefits.

EPFO Mission

EPFO strives to educate more workers about the country’s social security system by introducing workers every day. They provide superior services and more benefits than other plans cannot. By the end of each financial year, the interest rates are always higher than those of the other schemes.

The guarantee to enhance services by:

  • Consistency
  • Compliance

By being fair, honest, and trustworthy, the EPFO can provide high-quality services to its members and win their full trust. The factors will boost India’s economy as a whole and the well-being of workers.

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Details in EPF passbook

The following information can be found on your UAN or EPF passbook:

  • Employer ID
  • Employer name
  • Employee ID
  • Employee name
  • EPFO name and type
  • Detailed contributions to EPF
  • specific monthly contributions to the Employees’ Pension Scheme, or EPS
  • Interest on the amount accumulate in EPF
  • Employer and employee monthly withdrawals and deposits
  • Date and time of printing of the passbook
  • EPF account balance
  • EPF nominee details

EPFO Unified Portal Online services

EPFO h as launched a new online platform called Unified Portal, which provides users with a single location to access their accounts, claims, payments, and other services. The Unified Portal is designed to make it easier for employees to access their personal information and files, as well as to make it easier for employers to track employee expenses.

  • EPFO provides members with high-quality services, fostering a strong bond and increasing employee trust.
  • The introduction of online services help to alleviate the EPFO offices’ congestion.
  • They provide the best online services that are made easy for everyone in the workforce.
  • Workers can learn more about their accounts, the savings they can make, and the additional benefits they can get by using the EPF Unified portal.
  • On the website, members can update their personal information on a regular basis and learn about any minor changes from the employee.
  • It can be access at any time and without restrictions.
  • Since each employee has their own account and personal login information, the accounts cannot be share.
  • The majority of issues are resolve within three working days by the help desk.

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Employee provident fund

found in 1952 to assist workers with retirement benefits. Employees who require housing, health insurance, marriage, or other benefits can also benefit from the plan. By the year 2023, the benefits’ vision should have been realize.

Pension scheme

The plan was develop in 1995 solely for the use of retire people, widows, and widowers. As long as the employee is register under the scheme, the disable children also benefit from it.

Insurance scheme

The 1976 plan, which provide benefits only to employees who had singe up for it and died. The entire sum will be distribute to the beneficiary of the employee.

To take advantage of the scheme and the services, employees are require to create an account. The specifics of the location where the funds can be deposit will be sent to the employers. The account should be kept secret and requires a permanent login ID. To prevent others from accessing the account, the password must be simple yet strong. EPFO has simplify the account by allowing employees to simply press the “forgot password” button to reset or obtain new passwords.

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EPFO Unified Member Portal Employee Registration Process

Employees of EPFO-affiliated organizations can now register for online access to their profile, including ability to view their pay slip, punch card, and other employee information. The registration process is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. Registered employees will also have access to important updates and notifications on the EPFO website. Employers can also use the EPF portal, but they must register using the steps below:

  • Go to the EPFO portal website and select the new employer tab on the homepage www.epfindia.gov.in.
  • The user will be taken to New Employer Registration OLRE if they select the employer sign in option.
  • To accept the terms of the EPF website, first follow the instructions and then check the box.
  • Now select the “Register” button and enter the following information:
  • First, middle, and last names of the employer, in that order.
  • gender, the father’s name, and the official birth date.
  • To determine whether the employer is already register, the PAN number is require.
  • An essential requirement is the employer’s state or city of residence as well as their address.
  • email address that is regularly register, and mobile number.
  • Give the account a username and password to make it easier to log in.
  • In the event that someone forgets their login information, select a hint question to assist.
  • After entering the captcha code in the space provide, the pin that will be sent to the mobile number will be enter.
  • After entering the provide pin, submit all of the information.

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