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Gold Rate 2023: For the metals market, gold is a safe haven: It is a logical hedge against inflation, a store of value, and relatively scarce. When determining the overall trend in gold trading, it is essential to examine the gold price. This way, you can determine whether gold prices are currently rising or falling, or whether their price is rising or falling. We answer important questions about the price of gold in this blog.

Using a reliable source that we have created specifically for you, we will assist you in keeping track of gold prices here. You need to follow a trend-forecasting algorithm that has been developed to assist you in keeping up with the trends that affect gold prices if you want to have an understanding of the current prices of gold as well as the direction in which they are moving.

Gold Rate 2023

Today’s topic is India’s gold price. Today, gold is a commodity in India that has been used for ornaments, jewelry, and other decorative purposes since ancient times. Although the metal itself is not a new invention, it wasn’t until the late 1800s that miners discovered that the gold mineral was mixed with silver during its mining process that it was refined into pure gold. Gold is a very valuable commodity because it is only found in one place on Earth and is rarer than other metals. Additionally, it is widely considered to be one of our most valuable and long-lasting resources.

Gold Rate 2023

Gold Rate 2023 Details

Article Title Gold Price Today
Category Trends
Year 2023
Silver Rate 73200 per kilo
Gold Type
  • 22 Carat
  • 24 Carat
Gold Rate in Feb 46650 to 46750

Gold Rate Today

The price at which gold is traded on international markets is known as the gold price. It is essential to keep in mind that the price of gold is not fixed and can fluctuate at any time due to supply and demand.

Gold Rate In India 2023

The best future investment is gold. Gold has always been a safe bet with a good return despite rising grain, oil, and other commodity prices and challenging political situations. This blog will help you compare gold prices across Indian exchanges and find hidden treasures to learn more about gold in India. Learn about the price of gold in India and share your expectations with us.

24 Carat vs 22 Carat Gold Rate Difference

24 Carat Gold 22 Carat Gold
The purest form of gold and contains 99.5% of the valuable yellow metal. 91.6% parts of pure gold. Rest of the parts are ingot such as silver, copper, or some others.
This is quite soft, pliable, brittle, and bendable. It has a hard texture and thus cannot be simple molded or bended.
It is mostly old Gold in medical and electrical equipment including computers, phones, and more.  relatively low-priced due to lesser percentage of pure gold.
This is the most low-priced form of gold. It is mostly Old for making jewellery, bars, bullions, and coins.
bright yellow in color.  usually tainted due to the presence of other ingot.

Today’s 22 Carat Gold Rates In India

Gram 22K Today 22K Yesterday Price Change
1 gram ₹ 4,800 ₹ 4,780 ₹ 20
8 gram ₹ 38,400 ₹ 38,240 ₹ 160
10 gram ₹ 48,000 ₹ 47,800 ₹ 200
100 gram ₹ 4,80,000 ₹ 4,78,000 ₹ 2,000

Today’s 24 Carat Gold Rates In India

Gram 24K Today 24K Yesterday Price Change
1 gram ₹ 5,236 ₹ 5,215 ₹ 21
8 gram ₹ 41,888 ₹ 41,720 ₹ 168
10 gram ₹ 52,360 ₹ 52,150 ₹ 210
100 gram ₹ 5,23,600 ₹ 5,21,500 ₹ 2,100

Gold Rate City Wise

City 22K Today 24K Today
Chennai 48,920 53,370
Mumbai 48,200 52,580
Delhi 48,350 52,750
Kolkata 48,200 52,580
Bangalore 48,250 52,630
Hyderabad 48,200 52,580
Kerala 48,200 52,580
Pune 48,230 52,610
Vadodara 48,230 52,610
Ahmedabad 48,250 52,630
Jaipur 48,350 52,750
Lucknow 48,350 52,750
Coimbatore 48,920 53,370
Madurai 48,920 53,370
Vijayawada 48,200 52,580
Patna 48,230 52,610
Nagpur 48,230 52,610
Chandigarh 48,350 52,750
Surat 48,250 52,630
Bhubaneswar 48,200 52,580
Mangalore 48,250 52,630
Visakhapatnam 48,200 52,580
Nashik 48,230 52,610
Mysore 48,250 52,630

Gold Rates In 2023

Gold prices have held up well over the past year, in line with the ongoing mining activity. In addition to its beauty and size, this precious metal is also quite a useful one. This yellow metal continues to play a significant role in the global economy in spite of all of its uses. The global economic conditions and changes that are likely to occur over the next few years will largely determine the gold price today in 2023. You should have a solid understanding of the market’s current trends in order to predict the price of gold in the future.

What’s Gold Rates Right Now?

Gold costs are at present moving down because of the worldwide monetary log jam. However, this does not disqualify gold from investment. Demand and supply are two of the many factors that influence gold prices.

Political events like wars and natural disasters also affect gold prices. Therefore, it is essential to remain informed about current events in order to make educated decisions regarding your investments.

Is There A Difference Between Spot And Futures Gold Prices?

The prices of gold in futures and spot contracts differ significantly. Investors can buy or sell gold at a predetermined price on a predetermined date with futures contracts. This indicates that the seller is not obligated to deliver the gold until the specified date, but that the contract’s buyer anticipates receiving it on that date.

Current market conditions determine spot prices, which typically exceed futures prices. This is because customers are willing to pay more for real gold than for paper gold, which is only backed by trust.

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Why Is It Important To Check The Rate Of Gold Today?

Gold prices are important because they show how the economy around the world is doing. Because it is unaffected by political or economic turmoil, gold is regarded as an investment that provides a safe haven.

The gold prices are also important because they tell investors how confident they are in the economy around the world. Investors will put more money into assets like stocks and gold when they are confident. On the other hand, when investors are worried, they will usually move their money away from assets and into safer investments like gold and government bonds.

How Does The Rate Of Gold Fluctuate Over Time?

The performance of the stock market, global economic conditions, and international politics all play a role in the fluctuation of the gold price over time.

Due to its rarity, durability, and long history as a form of currency, gold is a valuable commodity. The price of gold has fluctuated over time as a result of these and other factors.

What Was The Highest Gold Rate Ever?

In 1980, an ounce of gold was worth $850, making it the most expensive metal in history. The price of gold has fluctuated since then, reaching a 2011 high of $19,343 per ounce.

The value of one ounce of gold has decreased since then to approximately $1,280. This indicates that the value of gold has increased by approximately 2% annually on average over the past 33 years.

Steps To Check Gold Rate Today?

Today, there are a few ways to check the gold rate. One way is to utilize a web-based gold mini-computer. You can use this calculator to find out how much gold is worth now and how much it will be worth in the future. A financial advisor, who can assist you in determining your individual gold investment strategy, is another option.

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Steps To Check Purity Of Gold?

Gold purity can be verified in a variety of ways. Using a spectrometer is one method. You will be able to identify the gold’s various components thanks to this. Utilizing a refiner’s assay report is yet another method. This will let you know the fineness or virtue of the gold.

  • 24 carats -99.9%
  • 23 carats -95.6%
  • 22 carats -91.6%
  • 21 carats -87.5%
  • 18 carats -75.0%
  • 17 carats -70.8%
  • 14 carats -58.5%
  • 10 carats -41.7%
  • 9 carats -37.5%
  • 8 carats -33.3%


The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.

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What Influences The Price Of Gold In India?

One of the most well-known investment tools is gold, especially in India. Similar to the prices of other financial assets, gold’s price fluctuates. A wide range of other factors also play a role in determining gold’s market price, despite the fact that demand for gold is one of the most important factors. The following is a list of some of the factors that influence daily gold prices.


Gold prices are significantly influenced by demand and supply economics, just like they are for any other commodity. When there is an increase in demand and a decrease in supply, price increases are typically the result. Similar to this, prices can be lowered when there is an excessive supply of gold and low or stagnant demand. In general, India’s demand for gold rises during the holiday and wedding seasons.


During inflation, the value of the currency decreases. Gold-backed cash might be preferable in this case. As a result, gold prices rise, which in some ways protects against inflationary conditions.

Interest Rates

Gold and supporting costs will for the most part have a retrogressive relationship. As interest rates rise, people frequently sell their gold to earn high interest rates. Similar to this, when interest rates drop, more people tend to buy gold, which increases demand.


The interest for gold in India comes principally from provincial regions. After a decent rainstorm, reap, and benefits, this request normally will in general ascent.

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Government Reserves

India is not the only nation with financial reserves that are primarily made up of gold. However, gold prices rise as a result of an inadequate supply if this reserve exceeds the gold sold by the government. The Reserve Bank of India is in charge of managing this reserve in India.

Currency fluctuations

Gold transactions take place in US dollars on the international market. When US dollars are converted into Indian rupees during importation, the price of gold fluctuates. Imports of gold typically increase in price when the Indian rupee depreciates.

Correlation With Other Assets

Due to its low to negative correlation with all major asset classes, gold is an excellent diversifier for portfolios. Gold, according to experts, protects one’s portfolio from volatility because the factors that influence the returns from the majority of asset classes have little effect on the price of gold. According to some, there may even be an inverse correlation between gold and stocks when company shares fall.

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Geopolitical Factors

As a place of refuge for stopping reserves, international disturbances like conflict will generally increment interest for gold. As a result, geopolitical turmoil drives up gold prices while driving down the prices of most asset classes.

Octroi Charges And Entry Tax

A local tax known as a charge or entry tax is levied when goods enter a state or city. When the goods enter a city, they are subject to an entry tax, whereas when they enter a state, they are not. Moreover, in the event that your gold is worth more than There is a wealth tax of 30 lakhs on it.

Making Charges

Making fees are typically imposed on gold jewelry and can differ from jeweler to jeweler and piece to piece based on the design.


For thousands of years, gold has been used as currency. Gold is a precious metal. Gold is used in jewelry today and is traded frequently on the commodities market. Demand, supply, and other economic factors all play a role in the gold price’s fluctuation. The current gold prices in India.

Gold Rates FAQ’S

What is the difference between 24 karat and 22 karat gold?

Karat is a measure used to determine the purity of gold. 24 karat gold means the gold is 99% pure whereas 22 karat gold means the gold is 91.67% pure and remaining 8.33% metal is an alloy mixture that could comprise of copper, silver or nickel added to improve the gold’s durability.

How many grams in 1 tola gold?

Tola is a metric used to weigh gold. 1 gram of gold is equal to 0.085735324183008 tola. In other words, 1 tola is equal to 11.663 8038 grams or 3/8 troy ounce.

What is the current import duty on gold?

The current import duty on gold stands at 12.5%.

Who determines gold price in india?

In India, gold prices are determined by the Indian Bullion Jewellers Association (IBJA). IBJA invites “bid” and “ask” quotes from the top ten gold dealers in India who arrive at a price suggestion by factoring in the international price of gold and multiplying it with the currency exchange value, import duty and other taxes and their margins.

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