How To Bank In Pool, Bank Pool Rules And Guidelines

How to Bank in Pool-The World Pool-Billiards Association has establish the game’s official rules and guidelines, despite the fact that it does not yet have a specific tournament name. Because it is such an intriguing game of technique and strategy, it is particularly popular with gamblers. Due to the restrictions and exceptions in bank pool rules, it has risen to the top of the list of most stringent pool games and earn the reputation of being the cleanest of all games. Let’s get familiar with the game and learn how and why it has gainer this reputation below.

How to Bank in Pool

Do you want to bank your pool? If so, you’re in luck! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to bank your pool and protect it from weather damage. We’ll discuss the different types of pool banks and what features they offer. We’ll also show you how to set up your pool bank and protect your investment against potential damage. So whether you’re looking to keep your pool clean and safe or just want to make it easier to access, this guide has everything you need.

You are missing out if you have never player bank pool before! As the name suggests, bank pool is a pool game in which each pocketer ball must be bank into a Calle pocket from a cushion. This game is fun to play and will really test you, especially if you haven’t done much practice with bank shots. So, bank pool is a great game to learn and play whether you’re new to pool or just want to try a new one. How to play bank pool, the rules, and everything else you need to know before your first game are all cover in this article. Enjoy!

How to Bank in Pool

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What Is The Game Of Bank Pool?

Bank pool is a pocket game of billiards base only on bank shots. This game, which has multiple variations and can be player by multiple players, is known worldwide as the nine-ball banks. Additionally, the regulations are straightforward. It simply alters the number of balls to bank for victory and the number of balls to target.

Number Of Players: 2 or more players

Ages: Tad bit difficult, making it ideal for players 13+

Difficulty: Medium to High

Main Objective: Bank 5 balls (in a rack of 9) or 8 balls (in a rack of 15).

Why We Love It: Bank pool introduces us to a brand-new way to play pool that dramatically raises the difficulty level. Players are more motivate to master bank shots and win bank pool when the difficulty is higher.

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Brief History Of Bank Pool

It is believe that the bank pool game was invent at a surprising random time. Due to their function of preventing balls from falling off the table, which resemble riverbanks, the vertical walls on the edge of pool tables, which are now known as rails, were frequently referrer to as banks. The players began to notice that object balls frequently got pocket after bouncing off the cushions on the rails, which motivate them to start shooting them deliberately.

As a result, the term “bank shot” was coine, and the game “bank pool” was based primarily on the strategy of banking the ball off a cushion for a successful shot. A shorter version with a smaller rack of nine balls became particularly popular in the Unite States and Great Britain toward the end of the 20th century, despite the fact that this game was originally playe with the full rack and gainer popularity worldwide.

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What You Need To Play Bank Pool

Concerning the requirements for the Bank pool, there is little to worry about; The game is simple to set up, and a standard pool set should be sufficient. Let’s take a closer look at the specific pieces of equipment you’ll need to get start.

Pool Table

  • The bank pool is best playe on a traditional six-pocket pool table that is about 7-9 feet long.
  • The bank pool game, in contrast to traditional pool games, places a strong emphasis on having the cushions aligne with the racks.
  • Select a pool table with a robust design and consistent, long-lasting felt on the cover (see our guide on the best felt for pool tables).
  • With sturdy, dependable designs, GSE Games and Sports offers one of the best billiard tables in the market.


  • There is only one cue ball and a variety of object balls.
  • 15 balls are use in a typical bank pool game.
  • Nine balls are use in the more popular variants.
  • The game has no bearing on the balls’ numbers, colors, or patterns.


  • Racking in Bank Pool is customizable, and the shapes of the racks vary depending on the number of balls used.
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  • The diamond-shape rack is the one that most players prefer for nine-ball banks. For a 15-ball bank pool game, on the other hand, a triangular rack is use.
  • In the rack, the balls are arrange at random.

Cue Sticks

  • Standard cue sticks, which range in length from 55 to 58 inches, are require.
  • A pack of four cue sticks from Billiard Deport, as well as everything else you’ll need for several game nights of bank pool, are accessories that are both affordable and durable.

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Bank Pool Rules And Guidelines

Bank Pool is referrer to as the cleanest pool game for a reason: each shot is validate and all clutter shots are eliminate. A brief but comprehensive guide to the most important aspects of the bumper pool game.


It makes sense that the banks are significant in order for a bank pool break to be legal. The following player will have to re-rack and re-break if less than four balls hit the rails. In contrast to other pool games, it is still consider an illegal break if one object ball is pocket during the break but four object balls do not strike the rails.

In point of fact, because bank pool is a call-shot game, any object ball that is pocket during the break does not add to the shooter’s score and must be respite. Therefore, in order to be able to follow up with bank shots, the break shot is only of strategic importance and must be player with foresight and calculation.

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What’s Allowe?

In this game, only bank shots into designate pockets are permit. Only bank shots. Therefore, in order for your pocket ball to be count toward your score, your cue stick must first strike the cue ball, which must then strike a pre-Calle object ball, which must then fall into the pre-Calle pocket after striking one of the rail cushions. Prior to being potte, the object ball’s contact with a cushion is the determining factor.

What’s Not Allowe?

According to bank pool rules, all other shots, including kick shots, kiss shots, and combinations, are against the rules. Any shot that disrupts the sequence (cue stick, cue ball, object ball, cushion, pocket) is prohibit in an overview.


Pooling your money with friends or colleagues can be a fun and profitable endeavour. By following a few simple rules and guidelines, you can bank in pool safely and effectively. This guide will provide you with the information you need to bank in pool safely and securely, while ensuring that everyone involved enjoys a smooth and enjoyable experience. Thanks for reading!


What is the bank rule in pool?

The key rule is that all shots must be banked (cue ball to object ball , then object ball to one or more cushions on the way to the pocket).

Are bank shots allowed in pool?

The object of Bank Pool is to outscore your opponent(s) in pocketing balls by bank shots only. Each player in turn may shoot any object ball into any pocket, but every shot must be a legal bank shot to count.

What is the best way to aim a pool shot?

Stand behind line of shot to find aiming point. Walk behind cue ball keeping your eye on contact point you want to hit and get ready to shoot. Keep your eyes on the contact point you want to hit all the way as you get down on shot. Once down on shot, you can check check which spot you want to hit the cue ball.

What is banking in 8-ball pool?

A bank shot is when you hit the cue ball into an object ball, which then hits off a rail and goes into the pocket. A kick shot is when the cue ball is hit into a rail, and then proceeds to pocket an object ball. So now that we know the difference between a kick and a bank, we're going to go over kick shots first.

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