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HRMS Odisha Payslip:- The Government of Odisha launched and started the Human Resource Management System Portal and Web Application known as HRMS Odisha. It is a fantastic HRMS portal for Odisha’s government employees. This HRMS Odisha Salary Slip and Pay Slip Portal is advantageous to government employees working in Odisha. Employees can easily download their salary slips online after completing the Employee Login procedure. Employees who require the HRMS Odisha E-Service Book can download it from The HRMS Odisha Service Book is also available online.

The HRMS Odisha plays an important role for government employees in Odisha. They can easily check their monthly salary slip through this portal, and they can also download their pay slip through HRMS Odisha. This Portal and App are also used by employees to apply for leave. Many of you have looked online for instructions on how to check your HRMS Orissa status and download your HRMS Odisha pay stub online. We want to provide you with all of the information you need about the HRMS Odisha Portal and App, including how to download salary slips from the HRMS Odisha, how to download HRMS Odisha pay-slips, and more.

HRMS Odisha Payslip

HRMS Odisha is an acronym for the Odisha Human Resources Management System. The Center for Modernizing Government Initiative’s (CMGI) flagship project is this one. The CMGI is a society run by the Odisha Government and the General Administration Department. The HRMS Odisha is a portal, database, application software, and HRMS Odisha App that allows Odisha government employees to conduct personnel transactions online via the Internet. Any Odisha Government employee can submit reports, requests, or grievances via the Odisha HRMS Portal. They can also apply for leave, request a loan, and so on. The sanction or response can be obtained online from the office of an Odisha government employee.

All employee accounts and registers, such as the Service Book, Leave Account, Loan Account, Salary Account, and Incumbency Chart, are automatically prepared by Odisha HRMS Portal or HRMS Odisha software. This Odisha HRMS Database contains the employment records of every employee, which may be of use to the government, departments, officers, and employees as well. For employee management, each state government in India launched HRMS portals and apps. Employees benefit greatly from these HRMS software because they can apply for leave with just a few clicks whenever they need to. Online, employees can also check the status of their leave sanctions.

HRMS Odisha Payslip

HRMS Odisha Payslip Details

Article HRMS Odisha Pay Slip Download
Related to HRMS Portal
Started by Government of Odisha
Beneficiary Government Employees of Odisha
Objective To Provide Online Services to Government Employees
Year 2023
Category Pay Slip
Official Website

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HRMS Odisha

Orissa State Government created the HRMS Odisha Portal and Odisha HRMS Database to offer online services to Odisha Government Employees. Anyone working for the Odisha Government can easily sign up for the HRMS Orissa Portal, log in, and use its features. Orissa Government Employees can access the HRMS Odisha to download their pay and salary statements in PDF format. Employees must complete the Employee Login Process before they can easily download the salary slip online from HRMS Orissa.

All of Odisha’s government employees’ service records are combined in Orissa HRMS. An employee can submit reports, requests, or grievances through HRMS Orissa and apply for leave, request a loan, and more. From their office, they can get the sanction or reply online. The Orissa HRMS Software will automatically create every employee’s account, including the Service Book, Leave Account, Loan Account, Salary Account, and Incumbency Chart, among others. HRMS is crucial for the government because it makes it simple to keep track of employees’ records. It generates Pay Slip Salary Slips for thousands of employees and automatically pays their salaries each month in accordance with their work.

Using their HRMS Orissa Employee ID and password, employees can quickly log in and download pay stubs and salary statements from the HRMS Orissa Portal. Employees can sign up for this Orissa HRMS on their own, and they can log in to with ease. Employees can also easily reset their passwords.

HRMS Odisha Benefits

This Odisha HRMS Portal is beneficial to both the Odisha Government and its employees.

  • Through this portal, the government can keep track of all employees’ records.
  • The government has adequate evidence of the payment of employees’ salaries and the deposit of salaries into employees’ bank accounts.
  • From HRMS Orisha, employees can view and download pay stubs and salary stubs.
  • This online Portal makes it simple for employees to request leave.
  • Through this portal, employees can also apply for a bank loan.
  • Employees have access to information about salary deductions as well as their gross and net salaries.
  • Disputes between employees and the government can be resolve by downloading the pay slip from the HRMS Odisha Portal.

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HRMS Odisha Pay Slip Login Process

The HRMS Odisha login procedure is simple; just follow the steps below to get started. Any employee can download the HRMS Odisha Pay Slip after successful login.

  • To begin, go to the official HRMS Orissa website at
  • You must locate the Personal Login Tab on the Orissa HRMS Portal homepage.
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  • A new page appears on your device screen after you click the Personal Login Option.
  • A login form can be found on the New Page.
  • You must enter your HRMS Orissa username and password on this form.
  • You are required to enter the Captcha Code that is display on your screen after entering your username and password.
  • You must now select the Login Button.
  • HRMS Orissa Dashboard opens after clicking the Login button.
  • You can easily download your pay stub by finding the Pay Slip Download or Salary Slip Download Option here.

Employees must use their employee ID and password to access HRMS Orissa. If you forget your HRMS Odisha password, you must reset it. Please keep your HRMS Odisha account login information a secret. If you share it with anyone, they could get all of your salary and other information.

How To Download Odisha HRMS Pay Slip Online?

Employees, Government Organizations, and the Government of Odisha can all benefit greatly from the HRMS Odisha Online Software. The HRMS software also includes an Employee Payroll Module that aids in the creation of pay stubs and salary stubs for employees base on their work and rotation. This software stores every employee’s personal information, including their full name, mobile number, bank account information, working days, paid or unpaid PF, and EPI. The Orissa HRMS Software uses these details to calculate each employee’s gross and net salary, which is then deposit into their bank account after all deductions and calculations have been made. Many workers want to download the HRMS Odisha pay slip as a PDF. If you want to do that, you can follow the steps below:

  • You must first visit the official Odisha HRMS website at
  • There is a login page on the website’s homepage.
  • You must enter your Employee ID or Odisha HRMS Username here.
  • After that, you need to enter the password for your HRMS account.
  • The Captcha Code that is currently on your screen must now be enter.
  • You must now select the Login Button.
  • Following this new page, select “my profile page.”
  • Now prose and select the HRMS salary slip option; the pay slip page will appear on the website.
  • The Month and Year are listed on this page.
  • Select the month and year of the pay slip you want to download now.
  • You must now select this option when a Download Button appears on your screen.
  • Your HRMS Odisha Pay Slip will be download after you click.

How to Register Mobile Number in Odisha HRMS Portal?

Employees must register their mobile numbers in the Odisha HRMS Portal to receive all important notifications.

  • The employee must visit, the Odisha HRMS Portal.
  • You are currently on the HRMS Odisha Website’s home page.
  • You must select e-service for employees from the Menu.
  • You must now click the button label “Register or Sign Up.”
  • After that, a new page appears on your device’s screen, requiring you to enter certain information.
  • Now, enter all of the request information, and then enter your mobile phone number.
  • The OTP will be sent to your mobile phone number following this HRMS Odisha Portal.
  • On the page, you must now enter the OTP and click the Save button.

HRMS Odisha Password Recovery

HRMS Odisha username and password are require for login if an Orissa government employee wishes to download their salary slip using HRMS Orissa. You shouldn’t be concern if you forget your HRMS Odisha Account Password. We have provide you with a straightforward method for changing your Odisha HRMS Account Password. You must follow the steps below if you want to change your account password.

  • You must first visit the official Odisha HRMS website at
  • There is a login page on the website’s homepage.
  • You can find the option to forget your password on this login page; click it to open a new page on your device.
  • You must first enter your HRMS Orissa-register mobile phone number here.
  • You must now enter your birthdate.
  • You must then enter the security code that is display on your screen after this.
  • After double-checking the information, press the send button.
  • Your register mobile number has receive the HRMS Password Reset link.
  • A new page will open on your screen when you click this link.
  • You must enter both the new password and the confirm password options on this page.
  • Now select “Change Password.”
  • Your password will be successfully reset after this.

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