ILRMS Assam land records 2023 Dharitri, NOC, Map Search Manual

ILRMS Assam land records: The Dharitree Assam website makes it possible for anyone from the state of Assam to view and access the land records for any Assamese state. For the purpose of maintaining land records, this online platform is managed by the Department of Revenue and Disaster Management.

Additionally, the Land Revenue Department of Assam was one of the first departments established in the state in 1874. Anyone can use this portal to conduct an online search to gain access to the state’s land register. We are going to provide you with all of the information you need about Dharitri Assam in this article.

ILRMS Assam land records

We will also inform you of the services that have become available through Dharitri Assam Land Records 2023. Therefore, Bhu Maksha, Jamabandi, Panjeeyan, NOC Services, and other services related to land records ought to be the primary offerings on the portal. In addition, the state government of Assam operates a management portal for land records in this Dharitri Assam ILRMS.

Additionally, the Revenue and Disaster Management department has been working to ensure the success of this Land Records portal. In the state of Assam, many citizens are unable to obtain information regarding the Land Service. As a result, they are now able to access all of the information that is available for Dharitri Assam Land Records 2023. Dharitri Assam is another name for this portal. The state government has also assigned this work to the Revenue and Disaster Management Department in order to ensure the success of the scheme.

ILRMS Assam land records

ILRMS Assam land records Overview

Portal Name Dharitree Assam
Launched By By Revenue and Disaster Management Department
Year 2023
Beneficiaries Citizen of Assam State
Application Procedure Online
Objective Facilitating Online Assam Land Records
Benefits Online Assam land record facility will be provided
Category Government Schemes
Official Website

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Assam Land Records 2023

Check Incorporated Land Records The executives Framework (ILRMS) Administration which has accessible on the web. So they can check the land and area details that are only available within the Assam state’s borders.

Most importantly, in order to learn more about Dharitri Assam Land Records 2023, individuals must now visit the official link provided by the department of the Assam state government. Prior to this, the individual must visit the office address, which is accessible in a number of Assam state cities. However, in order for that individual to obtain the information from government officials, they will need to stand in a long line. Additionally, a significant amount of time and money must be allocated to learning about the land records.

ILRMS Assam Dharitri online

Landowners in Assam, a northeastern state, require specific information about their property in order to further their claims under the state government’s scheme or program. As a result, the Revenue and Disaster Management Department of Assam has put in a lot of effort to serve its citizens well. As a result of this Dharitri, Assam Land Records 2023 has also provided a link to register land or property owned by Assam state residents. The state government of Assam has launched the Portal of Dharitri Assam to improve citizen service.

Dharitri Assam Land Records 2023 Services :

  • Land Records or Jamabandi
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Objection Petition
  • Extension of NOC
  • Then, Track the status of NOC
  • Bhu Naksha Also going to introduce
  • Panjeeyan or Property Registration
  • Other Land Services are also available.

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Assam Jamabandi Online

Additionally, as part of the Dharitri initiative, the ILRMS Service will offer them the Jamabandi online facility. Additionally, users who wish to register their properties can do so by clicking on this portal link. Following that, a system for collecting land revenue was also implemented for the benefit of the populace. then, in accordance with the Registration Act’s Section 21 A. As a result, an individual in Assam can obtain a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) for the transfer of immovable property. An effort has been made to ensure interconnectivity between the circle of revenue, deputy commissioner, and sub-registrar offices with the assistance of Dharitri Assam Land Records 2023.


The most important Dhariri Assam Land Records 2023 were also accessible through smartphone apps and the online portal. We will also provide you with information about the Dharitir Assam ILRMS Services’ land services. so that you can learn about the advantages of using these online services. However, in order to do that, individuals who are interested in this portal must complete the registration process. Subsequent to doing the enrollment individual can make their login id and secret phrase through which they can sign in to this entryway. Then they can look into the services that are available for work related to land.

ILRMS Assam Map Search online

Check ILRMS Services for Assam :

  • Firstly, Online Jamabandi
  • Additionally, the Registration Act requires the transfer of immovable property through the NOC, as required by section 21A.
  • Second, property registration can also be completed online.
  • Thirdly, this online portal also provides access to a system for collecting land revenue.

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Dharitri Assam Land Records 2023 with the given process :

  • Therefore, applicants must visit the Dharitri Assam Land Records Official Website.
  •  Now, Dharitri’s homepage appears in your browser. From that point onward, candidates need to go to the segment accessible for Jamabandi.
  •  You are presented with another page, where you must select the land location for which you have arrived.
  • After selecting the location of the land, applicants must select District, Circle, and Town/Village from the portal’s list when researching Jamabandi.
  •  Then, there is a Search by Patta Number option for searching the Land Record/Jamabandi. Additionally, you can search by date. Also,
  • you can search by Pattadar’s name.
  • Choose the option you think is best for you. After that, press the search button and then enter the security code or captcha code that is displayed on this page.
  •  Additionally, you must view the Assam Jamabandi beforehand. After that, select the jamabandi you want.
  • To view all of the data, press the Land Records/Jamabandi button at the end.
  •  Finally, you are presented with your Jamabandi, or land records. If necessary, print it out.

ILRMS Assam Land Records FAQ’S

How can I get a duplicate mutation certificate?

You can obtain a duplicate mutation certificate by paying a sum of Rs.100 and writing a letter to Commissioner GMC requesting for a duplicate mutation certificate. Make sure to mention important details including the mutation case number.

What are the documents I will have to submit while applying for mutation certificate?

The properties you will have to submit are: Lates receipt of Property tax payment Information related to Garbage Solid Waste from concerned N.G.O Related documents of the concerned parties who are willing to undergo mutation

How can I view the status of my NOC for submission of object petition against land?

Click on the link. On the page click on ‘Praman Patra’ or ‘Documents’. Click on ‘View Current Status of NOC Application’. Enter your application number and secret password and submit. You will be able to check the status.

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