Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter Price In India 2023, Features, Full Specifications, Waiting Time, Booking, Colours, Reviews

Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter – The G325 G-Special Electric electric scooter was developed by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KSR Moto and the well-known Italian scooter manufacturer Lambretta. Lambretta hopes to surpass the well-known Vespa brand and become the most successful scooter manufacturer in the world by 2028. The floorboard of the G325 scooter has a light that comes on when the rider approaches the bike. As a result, the scooter comes with a smart fob key. Sadly, the company has not provided much information about this scooter’s features at EICMA 2019. Are you looking for an electric scooter that will allow you to cruise through the city like a boss?

The Lambretta G-Special is the only car you need. This sleek and potent scooter is suitable for riders of all skill levels, and its Indian price is sure to please. We’ll take a closer look at the Lambretta G-Special’s features and benefits, as well as its price in India for 2023, in this blog post. Therefore, you should look into it!

Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter Price In India 2023

This scooter is expected to arrive in India sometime in 2019. In any case, guess that it will be promoted as a top of the line bike, like the Vespa. This suggests that the price of this Lamborghini will exceed Rs 1 lakh. To reemerge the Indian market, the Italian bike creator Lambretta will display a G-Unique E-Bike thought at the 2020 Indian Car Exhibition. The upcoming Lambretta E-Scooter is a luxurious conventional electric scooter with a traditional appearance that is part of the Lambretta India lineup. Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter starting price is Rs. 1,25,000 in India. Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter is available in 1 colours.

Searching for a reasonable and fun method for getting around? Take a look at the electric Lambretta G-Special scooter! Anyone who wants a quick ride without breaking the bank will love this scooter. We’ll go over the Lambretta G-Special in detail and tell you how much it will cost in India in 2023 in this blog post. In addition, we will offer a few pointers on how to purchase one and make the most of your experience. The Lambretta G-Special is a great option if you’re new to scooters or just want a fun, cheap way to get around town!

Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter Price In India 2023, Features, Full Specifications, Waiting Time, Booking, Colours, Reviews

Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter Details 2023

Article Name Lambretta G-Special
Price Rs.1.25 lakh
Category Automobile News
Official website Click Here

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Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter Launch Date In India 2023

The Lambretta G-Special is expected to be available for around Rs 1.25 lakh by September 2023. The monocoque chassis of this brand-new scooter is paired with a gasoline engine for power. This scooter is unique because it has side panels that can be removed, which is not common on scooters. Even though this Lambretta has some modern features, its overall design is the same as a previous model. It has a useful floorboard capacity, an angular headlamp assembly, and a front mudguard. We’ll go over everything from the G-Special’s features and specifications to how to order one online. We hope you enjoy this blog post, whether you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get around town or just curious about this new scooter.

Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter Features

Are you looking for a powerful and stylish electric scooter? The Lambretta G-Special is the only car you need. Anyone looking for a fun and effective means of getting around town will love this scooter. In this blog entry, we’ll investigate a portion of the highlights that make the Lambretta G-Exceptional such an extraordinary decision for electric bikes. We’ll talk about its original design, powerful motor, and simple controls. We will also give you advice on how to get the most out of your scooter’s features so that you can always have a good time riding it.

Regarding the Lambretta G-Special E-Scooter’s features, it is a stylish, high-end, contemporary, traditional electric scooter with a number of cutting-edge features. These elements incorporate a work of art, different-molded, chrome-completed Drove front lamp arrangement, a body-coordinated Drove turn marker light arrangement, a snazzy, Drove taillight, a retro, completed rearview reflect, a long, agreeable seat, contemporary combination wheels, and tubeless tires.

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As design cues, the Lambretta G-Special E-Scooter electric scooter has a unique chrome-finished LED headlight setup, a body-integrated LED turn indicator light setup, a stylish LED taillight, a retro-styled finished rear view mirror, and an appealing color option.

Instrument Console

The modern electric scooter also has a fully digital instrument cluster with a cutting-edge smart digital display system. This cluster provides an electric scooter with a variety of important information, such as a speedometer, trip meter, low battery indicator, and more.


An electric scooter with an electric hub motor and a high-performance lithium-ion battery pack is the Lambretta G-Special E-Scooter. It is said that the new electric scooter works better and has a remarkable range. In addition to a completely digital instrument cluster and advanced smart digital display system, the Lambretta G-Special E-Scooter electric scooter has a long, comfortable seat, modern-looking alloy wheels, and tubeless tires.

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In addition, the maximum speed and range are likely to be around 120 km/h.

Brakes and Safety

There is a storage compartment beneath the seat on the brand-new electric scooter, which has adequate legroom. In addition to the standard braking system, the new electric scooter features a disc brake on the front wheels and a drum brake on the back for improved handling and safety. For increased road safety, the new electric scooter has disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the back, in addition to the standard breaking system. The Lambretta G-Special E-Scooter, an electric scooter, has decent leg specs and a storage compartment under the seat. The Lambretta G-Special E-Scooter, a brand-new premium modern retro traditional electric scooter with a classic appearance, does not specify any additional features.


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The expected color is Green by the Lambretta.

Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter Specifications

Do you want to feel the rush of riding a Lambretta G-Special electric scooter around town? If this is the case, you will need to read this post to learn about all the important requirements. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the G-Special scooter, including its advantages and features. Therefore, if you’re looking for a thrilling ride, read this blog post!

An electric hub motor powers the cutting-edge, potent Lambretta E-Scooter for improved performance. The new electric scooter comes with a battery pack made of lithium-ion that performs well. The electric bike Lambretta G-Unique E-Bike promoted an amazing riding range. The standard braking system performs braking duties with disc brakes at the front wheels and drum brakes at the rear wheels, resulting in improved handling and a safer driving experience. On modern-looking alloy wheels, the Lambretta G-Special E-Scooter drives on tubeless tires. The Lambretta E-Scooter, a brand-new premium modern retro traditional electric scooter with a classic appearance, does not provide any additional information regarding its specifications.

Specifications Lambretta G-Special E-Scooter
Motor Type Electric Hub Motor
Motor Power – – –
Max Power – – –
Max Torque – – –
Battery Type Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery Capacity – – –
Battery Voltage – – –
No. of Battery – – –
Charging Time – – –
No. of Gears CVT
Transmission Type Automatic
Front Brake Disc Brake
Rear Brake Drum Brake

How To Book Online Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter?

Every day, Lambretta G-Special Electrics are simple to ride. a bike with a cute vintage look that is fun to ride around on. There are a few minor vibrations on this scooter, but they are neither bothersome nor intrusive. Other than that, the Lambretta is silky smooth.

Lambretta is the name given to the majority of the motor scooters produced by Innocents in Milan, Italy. The Lambro River, which runs through the neighborhood where the plant used to be, gave the neighborhood of Lambrate in Milan its current name.

  • To book this bike visit their official website https:
  • Enter your mobile number and four digit OTP.
  • To proceed, enter your name and email address.
  • Then we will fill in our product information.
  • We will fill in all the information.
  • You can pay using Debit Card, UPI, Net Banking or money.


Lambretta, a well-known Italian bike manufacturer, and Austrian company KSR Moto, which joined the company in 2018, collaborated on the development of an electric scooter known as the G325 G-Special. By 2028, Lambretta tries to outperform the notable Vespa brand as the most famous Italian bike brand around the world. The Li 125 is a popular choice for scooter riders worldwide due to its dependability and low price. It is a well-known classic. From the beginning, the Lambretta was viewed as a workhorse, whereas the Vespa was a family pet. It all came down to style versus power.

Vespas were bright and airy, a little more free, and even getting out was part of the fun. We are attempting to convey the possibility that since electric bikes are essentially more affordable than gas controlled vehicles, you ought not be worried about keeping up with them. Here are some easy ways to keep your electric scooter in good working order now that you know how the costs are divided.

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Looking for a fun and easy way to get around town? Check out the Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter – perfect for commuting or leisurely rides around town. This trendy scooter features a range of innovative features that make it a great choice for riders of all ages. From its comfortable ride to its sleek and stylish design, the Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter is sure to impress. With a waiting time of just 10 minutes and a booking process that is easy and straightforward, you can be sure that you will be able to easily find a scooter when you’re ready to book. Plus, with its range of stylish colors, you can choose the perfect one to perfectly match your personality and style. Don’t wait any longer – check out the Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter today!


What is the price of Lambretta G Special?

Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter starting price is Rs. 1,25,000 in India. Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter is available in 1 colours.

When is the Lambretta G-Special Electric Scooter scooters going to be launched in India?

In September of 2023, Lambretta is expected to release the G-Special Electric Scooter.

What is the range of Lambretta electric scooter?

Moreover, the range and top speed are likely to be around 120km and 120kmph, respectively.

Who manufactures Lambretta scooter in India?

The scooters of the yesteryears were designed by Innocenti S.A. which owns the Lambretta brand and licensed it around the world. Automobile Products of India (API) started assembling Lambretta scooters.

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