PM Jal Jeevan Mission Portal Login 2023, Apply Online, Registration, Status

PM Jal Jeevan Mission Portal Login 2023- Top state leader Narendra Modi in his Autonomy Day discourse from Lal Qila had declared to send off PM Jal Jeevan Mission 2023. Under this Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal Plan, the focal government means to guarantee channeled water supply to all families. Because half of the country’s population does not have access to piped water, this Nal Se Jal Scheme is necessary. The goal of the Jal Jeevan Mission (Har Ghar Jal) is to ensure that every rural household in the country has access to safe tap water by 2024. Check out the JJM objectives, components, login, dashboard, and instructions for gaining access to the water quality management information system in this article. Upload a R&D proposal and get all the details.

Under the Ministry of Jal Shakti’s Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation, the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) is carried out in collaboration with states. By 2024, the Har Ghal Jal Scheme aims to provide every rural family in the country with sufficient drinking water of a specified quality on a regular and long-term basis. The federal government has dispensed an outshining Rs. under the PM Jal Jeevan Mission, 3.6 lakh crore.

PM Jal Jeevan Mission Portal Login 2023

Pradhan Mantri Jal Jeevan Mission Yojana has been begun by the Focal Government’s Service of Jal Shakti to give water taps to the homes of in excess of 50% families in provincial and metropolitan regions. On August 15, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement. In the budget, the central government has allocated Rs 350 lakh crore to this program. Because a significant number of people in our nation do not currently have a water connection in their homes, they do not have access to drinking water, this campaign by the central government will undoubtedly be of great assistance in providing tap water to all of the disadvantaged individuals in both rural and urban areas. need to go out.

Water will be delivered to these families’ homes through the Jal Jeevan Mission program. Individuals are getting a ton of advantage from this plan. The Central Government is of the opinion that only when rural India advances can the nation advance as well. The government of India is well aware of the role that rural India plays in the country’s development. The Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme was launched with the goal of providing all rural families with access to potable water. It is interesting to note that half of families living in rural areas still do not have access to water. Yet, through this plan of the public authority, water associations will presently arrive at every one of the houses.

PM Jal Jeevan Mission Portal Login

PM Jal Jeevan Mission Portal Login 2023 Overview

Scheme Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme
Whose plan is it? of the Central Government.
Department Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Jal Shakti.
beneficiary Families of Rural India.
Budget 350 lakh crores.
Category Government Scheme
Session 2023
Official website

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Objectives of Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme

  • This mission of the public authority guarantees the functioning limit of the current water association or some other stock framework in the houses. In addition, it aims to promote sustainable agriculture and conduct water quality tests.
  • Utilization of protected water, enhancement of the system by which drinking water is supplied, treatment and reuse of gray water, improvement of drinking water conditions, etc.
  • The government has initiated this program to provide water connections to families living in rural areas. This is due to the fact that many rural residents live far from the water they use in their homes, which causes them a lot of trouble. also must perform. Assuming the explanation is that such a plan has been sent off by the public authority.
  • By 2024, the government intends to provide benefits to all eligible families. Therefore, if this plan is fully implemented, the rural population will soon have access to clean drinking water.
  • Water is essential for everyone because, in addition to drinking it, we use it for cooking, washing our clothes, taking a bath, and so on. Without water nobody might envision life. Because of this, each house must have a water connection and a water supply. This is likewise the motivation behind why this plan was begun by the public authority.

Rural Jal Jeevan Mission Features

The Jal Jeevan Mission of the Central Government consists of the following specific features:

  • Under the JJM scheme, all such families in rural areas that have not yet received this facility will receive water connections.
  • Water connections will also be installed in every rural location, including schools, gram panchayat buildings, anganwadi centers, health facilities, and so on.
  • In any state’s district area, this will be carried out by the State Water and Sanitation Mission (SWSM), which is part of the Government’s Water and Sanitation Mission.
  • Through the Rural Water Life Mission, a provision has been made for technological intervention (technological intervention) to prevent pollution in order to meet the needs of the people.
  • The local water supply and demand will be the main focus of Jal Jeevan Mission.
  • Every rural household will have access to a water tap thanks to the Jal Jeevan Mission program.

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Percentage Wise Details of States Taking Advantage of The Scheme

State-by-state breakdowns of which states have benefited from the Gramin Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme are provided below, broken down by percentage.

State name Percentage of Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme (Rural) Areas
Telangana 69.56%
A state in Eastern India 54.38%
Himachal Pradesh 19.99%
Assam 3.39%
Kerala 1.78%
Jharkhand 3.36%
Goa 24.3%
Maharashtra 15.4%
Uttarakhand 14.97%
Jammu and Kashmir 14.94%
Karnataka 1.40 %
Ladakh 2.25%
Rajasthan 3.69%
West Bengal 1.44%
Haryana 21.12%
Mizoram 23.19%
Manipur 20.78%

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States Benefited From Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme

People in almost every state in the country have benefited from the Jal Jeevan Mission scheme up to this point. For example, the states of Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and others. The American people have benefited significantly from it. Through the Nal Jal Yojana, the government wants to make its benefits available to more than half of the underprivileged by 2024. Goa was the first state in the nation to receive benefits from this program.

Some Statistics Related to Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM)

Serial number Related to Jal Jeevan Mission Statistics
1 Total number of households 19,18,67,736
2 Households with
tap water connections
(as on 15 Aug 2019)
3 Households with
tap water connections
4 Since the mission’s inception, the number of homes with access to tap water 6,44,12,944 (33.57%)

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Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme Contact Details

We’ve covered nearly every aspect of the Jal Jeevan Mission in this article, but if you still have questions, you can get in touch with us at the details or toll-free number below.

phone number 01124362705
fax 011-24361062
email id
Postal address Office Of Mission Director
National Jal Jeevan Mission (NJJM)
Department Of Drinking Water And Sanitation
Ministry Of Jal Shakti
Government Of India
4th Floor, Pandit Deendayal Antyodaya Bhawan, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

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Needed Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Income certificate
  • Age proof
  • Mobile number
  • Address proof
  • Email id
  • Passport-size photograph, etc.

What’s The Process To Apply For PM Jal Jeevan Mission?

The PM Jal Jeevan Mission is an ambitious initiative launch by the Indian government to provide safe and clean drinking water to all households in rural areas by 2024. If you’re living in a rural area and are interest in applying for this mission, you may be wondering what the application process entails. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the steps involved in applying for the PM Jal Jeevan Mission. We’ll cover everything from eligibility criteria to the documentation required for application submission. So if you’re looking to access clean drinking water in your rural community, keep reading to learn more about how you can apply for this important initiative.

  • To begin, you must visit the official website.
  • On the landing page, you need to tap on ‘Apply Now’.
  • Then another page will open before you.
  • You must enter your name, mobile number, email address, etc. in this.
  • Additionally, you must click the “submit button after uploading all of the documents.
  • You will then be added to this scheme.

PM Jal Jeevan Mission Portal Login 2023 FAQ’S

What is the present status of Jal Jeevan Mission?

So far, around 7.43 Crore rural households have been provided with tap water connections under the JJM. Thus, as on 05.12. 2022, out of 19.36 Crore rural households in the country, around 10.66 Crore (55%) households are reported to have tap water supply in their homes. State/ UT-wise details are annexed.

What is the target year of JJM?

Jal Jeevan Mission, is envisioned to provide safe and adequate drinking water through individual household tap connections by 2024 to all households in rural India.

Which State is best performing in Jal Jeevan Mission?

Shahjahanpur District of UP Amongst Top Ranked District on the Jal Jeevan Mission. Shahjahanpur has become number one in the country in giving maximum number of tap connections in a month.

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