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PRAN Number Apply Online- All NPS-register employees are require to have a 12-digit number called the Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN). The exclusive PRAN number must be obtain by state and central government employees. The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) website allows employees to sign up for PRAN.

Employees who are eligible to apply should do so to their administration officer. The officer will send the application to the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA). Users who have a PRAN number can directly access their NPS savings and benefits. It is a one-of-a-kind, lifetime number for each user. Employees can apply for the PRAN number through either online or offline platforms.

PRAN Number Apply Online 2023

The PRAN application can be submit by anyone between the ages of 18 and 60. However, before applying for PRAN, they must register with the Drawing and Disbursing Office (DDO) and the Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA).

In addition, subscribers must complete the PRAN Number Apply Online 2023 or offline, depending on their convenience. You will find instructions for filling out the application form and information about the online and offline application processes in the following section.

PRAN Number Apply Online

PRAN Number Apply Online 2023 Details

Scheme PRAN Number Apply Online
Category Government Scheme
Year 2023
Official Website

About PRAN

With the exception of the armed forces, the National Pension System (NPS) was implemented by the Central Government on January 1, 2004. On May 1, 2009, NPS became available to all Indian citizens. Protean eGov Technologies Limited has been appointed the Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA) for the National Pension System by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), the organization in charge of overseeing NPS.

The record-keeping, administration, and customer service functions that CRA will perform for all NPS subscribers are the first of their kind in India. The CRA is obligated to issue each subscriber a Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN), keep a database of each Permanent Retirement account, and record transactions pertaining to each PRAN.

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Checking PRAN Card Balance

Logging into your National Pension System account makes it simple to check the balance of your PRAN card because the PRAN is primarily use as a unique identifier for NPS subscribers. You can check the balance of the NPS pension scheme’s mandatory Tier 1 account as well as the optional Tier 2 account once you are logge in.

Apply For PRAN Using Aadhar

  • Aadhaar OTP (One Time Password) authentication can be use to complete NPS KYC.
  • The Aadhaar OTP is sent to the mobile number register on the Aadhaar database.
  • Your demographic information and photo will be pulled from the Aadhaar database and automatically enter into the online form.
  • You may need to fill out all the necessary information online.
  • As part of the registration process, you will need to upload your scanner signature (in *.jpeg/*.jpg format with


You must have a Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card in order to apply for PRAN Number Apply Online 2023 with your PAN Card. The following are important considerations when applying for PRAN through PAN:

  • For subscriber registration through eNPS, you must have a bank account with the authorize bank.
  • Your KYC verification will be done by the bank you choose during the registration process.
  • Your name and address should match the bank records for KYC verification.
  • If the details don’t match, the request will be reject.
  • If the select bank rejects the applicant’s KYC, the applicant must contact the bank.
  • You must fill out all require information online and upload a scanner copy of your signature and photograph in the *.jpeg/*.jpg format with a file size between 4kb and 12kb.
  • You will be direct to a payment gateway from Internet Bank ing to make the payment to your NPS account.
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NRI PRAN Card Application Process

The following steps should be follow by NRI subscribers when applying for a PRAN Card:

  • Provide the NRE/NRO bank account details and upload a scan copy of your passport.
  • Choose the preferer address for communication – Overseas Address (communication at an overseas address would entail additional charges) or Permanent Address in India.
  • Choose the Bank Account Status, which is either Repatriable or Non-Repatriable.

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RAN Card Portal For NPS

To access your NPS account online, you can use the number print on your PRAN card. The steps for logging in with a PRAN Card are as follows:

  • If you already have a PRAN card, go to the NPS Login Portal and select the “Login for Existing Subscribers” option.
  • On the next page, you can use your PRAN card’s Permanent Retirement Account Number and your NPS account password to log in to your NPS account.
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  • Click the “Generate/Reset Password” link if you want to sign up for online PRAN card services or if you forgot your login password.

How To Activate Your PRAN Card?

Using the eSign option to get the document electronically signe is the quickest way to activate your PRAN card. If you used Aadhaar to create your PRAN card, you can eSign the document by following these steps:

  • After selecting the “eSign” option on the “eSign/Print & Courier” page, you will be taken to the page where you can generate an OTP for the PRAN Number Apply Online 2023 activation process.
  • This OTP will be sent to the mobile number associate with your Aadhaar account.
  • Following authentication with the Aadhaar OTP, the registration form will be successfully eSigned, and a confirmation message will be display regarding the same.
  • Since the document has been eSigned 25.90, plus any applicable service tax (which includes Rs. 20)

How Do I Check PRAN Card Status?

You can easily monitor the status of your PRAN card online if you chose to receive it in person at your register address. In the event of a new PRAN card, reissue PRAN, or reissue password/T-PIN, you can check the “Dispatch Status” on the “Track PRAN Card Status” page.

How To Apply For PRAN Card Offline?

You can apply for PRAN offline by going to your bank’s Point-of-Presence (PoP) under the National Pension System, which is usually closest to you. Accepting deposits, forwarding applications for the transfer of an NPS account, partial withdrawal applications, nomination change applications, and other NPS-relate activities are all permissible for PoPs.

How To Apply For PRAN Card Online?

At the NSDL or Karly websites, you can complete the entire account opening procedure online. They are the CRAs in charge of NPS account management and opening in India. You can use either your Aadhar Card or your PAN Card to apply for PRAN through the online portal. The detail steps are list below:

Features On PRAN Application Form

The NPS form and the PRAN application form are very similar. The information that follows can be found in the document.

  • Applicants personal information
  • Employment details
  • Nominee/nomination information
  • Scheme details
  • Declaration by the applicant to PFRDA

How To Apply PRAN Number Using PAN Number Online?

  1. On the NSDL portal, visit the e-NPS website
  2. Select the National Pension System option from the menu on the homepage.
  3. Next, select “Permanent Account Number (PAN)” from the “registration” menu.
  4. Enter the necessary information: Type of applicant, status, type of account, PAN number, and details about bank account.
  5. Click the Continue button after checking the information once more.

PRAN Card Customer Care

The NPS customer support system also serves as the PRAN Card Customer Care system because NPS subscribers receive the PRAN Card. Customer service for the PRAN card can be reach by phone, fax, email, online, or in person at a nearby representative office. Learn more about the Customer Care Service for NPS/PRAN Cards.

Required Documents For PRAN Application Process

  • The PRAN application form
  • Applicant’s Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Recent passport photo
  • Bank passbook or cancelled cheque
  • Digital signature (for online methods)

Can I Have More Than One PRAN Card

No. Because of the current rules of NPS, you can only hold one PRAN number or PRAN Card for one person. Each person can only have one NPS subscription, which is divide into Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts with the same PRAN. You don’t have to open a new NPS account if you change jobs; you can continue making contributions to the one you already have. On the other hand, you can easily move your NPS account from one location to another.

It is important to note that the NPS and NPS Lite/Atal Pension Yojana (APY) systems are not yet fully integrate. As a result, people with both NPS and APY accounts may end up with multiple PRAN cards that they can later combine.

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