Prime Minister Modi flags off Uttarakhand’s first Vande Bharat Express train

Vande Bharat Express train- Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the inaugural operation of the first Vande Bharat train in Uttarakhand on Thursday.

A local express train will run from Dehradun to Delhi. The new train will start regular service on May 29, covering 302 kilometers in 4 hours and 45 minutes. Trains run every day except Wednesdays.

Vande Bharat Express train

Tickets from Delhi to Dehradun cost 1,065 rupees in an AC chair car and 1,890 rupees in an executive chair car.

Delhi (Anand Vihar) Line 22457 to Dehradun leaves Anand Vihar station at 17:50 and arrives in Dehradun at 22:35. Stops at Meerut City, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, Roorkee and Haridwar.

Vande Bharat Express train

Vande Bharat Express train Overview

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Full Specification

“With world-class amenities, it ushers in a new era of convenient travel experience, especially for tourists visiting the state,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a press release. “The train is manufactured domestically and is equipped with advanced safety features, including Kabak technology,” the company said.

During the opening of the Vande Bharat line, the prime minister also announced the newly electrified section of the state’s railway line through a video conference. The new section has electrified the entire Uttarakhand railway line to 100% of his.

“Electric traction on electrified sections will lead to higher train speeds and increased transport capacity,” the statement said.

Vande Bharat can help boost Uttarakhand’s tourism prospects: PM Modi

Modi said a beautiful state like Uttarakhand should make the most of the current situation where people from all over the world want to come to India. Vande Bharat’s move will also help Uttarakhand make the most of this opportunity, he said.

The Prime Minister said that with the support of the central government, Uttarakhand is developing as a center for tourism, adventure travel, film locations and weddings. He said the province’s attractions attract tourists from all over the world and the Vande Bharat Express will be of great benefit to them. He pointed out that rail travel is still the first choice for those traveling with family, and Vande Bharat is gradually becoming the preferred mode of transport.

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‘Previous governments preoccupied with corruption, dynastic politics’

He criticized the previous government for failing to understand the importance of infrastructure because it was “preoccupied with corruption and dynastic politics,” and said that by harnessing the full potential of infrastructure, the 21st-century India can reach further development heights, he said.

“The previous government made big promises about India’s highspeed rail, but it failed to even remove the unmanned gates from the rail network. The electrification of the rail line was even worse,” he said. In 2014 his third of the country’s rail network was electrified, making fast-moving trains unthinkable.

Large-scale construction to transform the railway began after 2014, he said.

Prime Minister Modi pointed out that work is in full swing to realize the dream of the country’s first bullet train, while preparing for the entire semi-shinkansen network. He predicted that an average of 600km of railway lines were electrified each year before 2014, but now 6,000km of railway lines are being electrified annually, a figure that denies the previous administration’s failures. “Now more than 90 per cent of the railway network in the country is electrified. Uttarakhand has achieved 100 per cent electrification of the entire railway network,” he said.

Modi said the rapid development work was due to the right intentions, policies and efforts of his team. The prime minister explained that the increase in the railway budget compared to 2014 has directly benefited Uttarakhand, with the state’s average budget for the five years before 2014 being less than 5 trillion, a 25-fold increase. said it was.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of connectivity in the hilly areas where people are migrating from villages due to lack of connectivity. He noted that modern connectivity would be very beneficial in facilitating border access and that “the soldiers who defend the country

should not be harassed in any way.”

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Double-engine government committed to Uttarakhand’s development’

PM Modi recalled saying during his visit to Kedarnath that “this decade will be the decade of Uttarakhand”. He welcomed the promotion of national development while maintaining the law and order situation. PM expressed his hope that ‘Devbhoomi’ would become the center of spiritual consciousness in the world.

He said the number of pilgrims to the Yatras continues to break old records, referring to the ongoing Chardam Yatras in the state that connect four pilgrimage sites. Modi also spoke of the large number of devotees who visited Haridwar and Kanwar Yatra for the darshans of Baba Kedar, Khumbu and Ald Khumbu. He said there aren’t many states where so many believers arrive en masse, but this is both a gift and a monumental mission. “The dual-engine government is working with double the power and double the speed to facilitate this ‘Buggylas’ mission,” Modi added.

Concluding his speech, the Prime Minister said that the two-pronged government is committed to the development of Uttarakhand and that the rapid development of Uttarakhand will also contribute to India’s rapid development.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the people of Uttarakhand, Prime Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has dedicated Dehradun Delhi Vande Bharat Express to the state and electrified all railway lines in the state Prime Minister Modi and Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaisnav expressed gratitude.

He said it was a result of Prime Minister Modi’s special affection for Uttarakhand that the journey from Dehradun to Delhi would be completed in just four and a half hours from today. “Vande Bharat Express, a new-age rail service, is an example that embodies the Prime Minister’s vision of a progressive and self-reliant India. Today, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Indian Railways is entering a golden age.” Vande Bharat, the first domestically produced semi-high-speed railway, reflects the upscale image of emerging India,” he said.

“Every kid in Uttarakhand dreamed of driving a train in the mountains. A dream come true to ride a train and climb the mountains of Uttarakhand. Construction of the Rishikesh-Kamprayag Railway is progressing rapidly. According to the Prime Minister’s vision, work is underway to connect remote areas of Uttarakhand through road, rail, helicopter and cable car services,” he added.

The Prime Minister added that at a time when most countries in the world are facing severe economic crises, under the Prime Minister’s competent leadership, India has steadily advanced its development path to become the fifth largest economy. Stated.

Federal Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said PM Modi has an emotional connection with Uttarakhand. “Under his leadership and with the support of the central government, there are many major projects underway in the state. Currently, construction is underway on the Rishikesh-Karnprayag railway line with 5G facilities, expansion of fiber optic connectivity and 125km of 104km tunnels. is in progress,” he said.

Vande Bharat Express train FAQ’S

What is special about Vande Bharat Express train?

The train can reach a speed of 160 km/h (99 mph) in 140 seconds, 5 seconds faster than the first generation of the Vande Bharat

What are the facilities in Vande Bharat train?

Vande Bharat Express has several features, including automatic doors, onboard Wi-Fi, GPS-based passenger information system, bio-vacuum toilets, and more.

Is food served free in Vande Bharat Express?

For a full-time passenger, food worth Rs 350 will be provided inside the train.

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