WWE WrestleMania (39) 2023, Predictions, Tickets, Time, Venue, Match Card

WWE WrestleMania (39) 2023: WWE WrestleMania 39 will take place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, over two nights on April 1 and 2, 2023. The event will be broadcast worldwide on pay-per-view (PPV) and will be streamed live via Peacock in the United States and the WWE Network worldwide.

Roman Reigns takes on Cody Rhodes, the winner of the 2023 Royal Rumble, to defend the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in one of the main matches. For the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, Plush, Charlotte Flair, and 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble winner Rhea Ripley will compete in a singles match. In addition, Biacan Belair’s defense of the WWE Raw Women’s Championship against Asuka will put the title at stake. In addition, Omos is up against Brock Lesnar in a match.

WWE WrestleMania (39) 2023

WrestleMania, the 39th installment of The Greatest Spectacle of Sports Entertainment, will air next month on WWE Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. WrestleMania 39 will also be a two-night event that features top superstars from Raw and SmackDown in addition to some celebrities, continuing the event’s two-day format from the previous two editions.

The Miz, WWE’s Hollywood A-Lister, will serve as the official host of WrestleMania, which will be held in Hollywood and feature three championships currently up for grabs. The main event will feature the winners of the Royal Rumble, who will compete against the prime champions in the men’s and women’s divisions. Cody Rhodes takes on Roman Reigns, the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, and Rhea Ripley takes on Charlotte Flair, the champion of SmackDown Women’s. Additionally, Brock Lesnar has accepted Omos’ request that their match be declared official for the show of shows. In addition to the official announcement of a women’s tag team match featuring Trish Stratus, Seth Rollins takes on Logan Paul.

WWE WrestleMania (39) 2023

WWE WrestleMania (39) Detail’s

Article Title WWE WrestleMania (39) 2023
Championship Name WrestleMania 39
Organized by WWE
Category Sport
Date 1st April to 2nd April 2023
Venue California as expected
WrestleMania 39 Click Here

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WrestleMania 39 Full Match Card

  • Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes – WWE Undisputed Universal Championship
  • Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley – Smackdown Women’s Championship
  • Bianca Belair vs. Asuka – Raw Women’s Championship
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Omos
  • Becky Lynch & Lita & Trish Stratus vs. Damage CNTRL
  • Austin Theory vs John Cena  – WWE United States Championship
  • Seth Rollins vs. Logan Paul
  • Finn Balor vs Edge – Hell in a Cell
  • Gunther vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus – WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy vs. Viking Raiders vs. Ricochet & Braun Strowman – Fatal Four-Way Showcase
  • The Usos vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens – Undisputed WWE Tag Squad Championship

WWE WrestleMania 39 (Night 1) Confirmed Match Card

Singles Match: Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Logan Paul

At The Showcase of the Immortals, Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Logan Paul will engage in a highly personal matchup. Seth “Freakin” Rollins “borrowed” The Miz’s phone by removing The A-Lister and inviting the internet sensation to Raw on March 6, 2023, following an attack by Logan Paul at WWE Elimination Chamber.

after Rollins and Paul had a heated argument. Rollins heard Paul say that he wanted to wrestle in a city with more famous people. Rollins’ match with Paul at WWE WrestleMania 39 was confirmed later in the show. After Paul eliminated Rollins from the Men’s Royal Rumble match, WWE began laying the groundwork for Rollins vs. Logan at the Royal Rumble. As a result, it will be on display at WrestleMania 39.

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WWE WrestleMania 39 (Night 2) Confirmed Match Card

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns(c) Vs. Cody Rhodes

The biggest match of the year has already been set for the upcoming 2023 WrestleMania event, which takes place just a few days away. On The Grandest Stage of All, Cody Rhodes will take on Roman Reigns, the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, following his victory over 29 other superstars in the 2023 Royal Rumble Match.

Roman Reigns is currently one of the most dominant forces in WWE, holding multiple title defenses against roster superstars. However, when Roman Reigns defends his title against Cody Rhodes, the winner of the 2023 Royal Rumble, he will have to demonstrate his superiority this time.

At the Hell in a Cell Match, Cody Rhodes defeated Seth “Freakin” Rollins, demonstrating that he is capable of causing Roman Reigns to lose when the WWE’s biggest prize is up for grabs.


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WWE WrestleMania 39 Confirmed Match Card With Nights To Be Decided

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley, the winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble in 2023, retains the opportunity for retribution when she competes against Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania this year.

Ripley was the first woman to compete in the 30-Woman Royal Rumble. She was also the first woman to win the match, which lasted 61 minutes and 8 seconds. Flair chose her rival the following night on Raw, and she chose to compete against Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Title.

Their one-on-one confrontation at WrestleMania 36 will happen again in this matchup. Flair challenged then-NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 36 after winning the 30-woman Royal Rumble in 2020. Ripley lost the title at the end of the match. When they battle on the most grandiose stage of all, both competitors are ready to bring real-time heat.


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WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match: Bianca Belair(c) Vs. Asuka

At The Exhibit of the Immortals, Bianca Belair will clash with Asuka for the Crude Ladies’ Title! In the career-altering Elimination Chamber, Asuka defeated Liv Morgan, Nikki Cross, Raquel Rodriguez, Carmella, and Natalya to earn the right to compete against The EST of WWE for the Raw Women’s Title on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

She has defeated every Superstar, from Becky Lynch to Bayley to Alexa Bliss, as Raw Women’s Champion, proving time and time again that she is a true fighter.


Singles Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Omos

At WrestleMania 39, “The Nigerian Giant” Omos and “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar will face off in a match that has been going on for months.

On a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Omos set a challenge. Brock Lesnar accepted the challenge to fight Omos at WrestleMania 39 on the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on February 27, 2023.

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WWE WrestleMania 39 Ticket Price/How To Buy

Tickets for WrestleMania 39 can be purchased through THIS LINK. At the moment, the get-in price for night one on Ticketmaster is $120, and seats in rows two and three are still available for more than $7400. The cheapest ticket for night two is $138, while the most expensive is $7400 for row three. A two-night combo ticket to the event costs $261, while the most expensive one costs $7345.

WWE WrestleMania 39 Venue

The location of WWE WrestleMania is still unknown. The WWE WrestleMania Venue will be the sixth to take place in Greater Los Angeles and the seventh in the entire state of California following WrestleMania 2, VII, XII, 2000, and 21. In addition, following Vince McMahon’s retirement in July 2022, this will be the first WrestleMania to be produced by Triple H. WrestleMania was founded in 1985 by McMahon, who had been the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 1982. Triple H’s position was unaffected by his return to the organization in January 2023 as Executive Chairman. Binge will also be broadcasting WrestleMania live for the first time.

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WWE WrestleMania 39 Schedule

  • WrestleMania 1 – March 31, 1985 – Madison Square Garden
  • WrestleMania 2 – April 7, 1986 – Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Rosemont Horizon, Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
  • WrestleMania 3 – March 29, 1987 – Pontiac Silverdome
  • WrestleMania 4 – March 27, 1988 – Atlantic City Convention Hall
  • WrestleMania 5 – April 2, 1989 – Atlantic City Convention Hall
  • WrestleMania 6 – April 1, 1990 – Skydome
  • WrestleMania 7 – March 29, 1991 – Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
  • WrestleMania 8 – April 5, 1992 – Hoosierdome
  • WrestleMania 9 – April 4, 1993 – Caesar’s Palace
  • WrestleMania 10 – March 20, 1994 – Madison Square Garden
  • WrestleMania 11 – April 2, 1995 – Hartford Civic Center
  • WrestleMania 12 – March 31, 1996 – Arrowhead Pond
  • WrestleMania 13 – March 23, 1997 – Rosemary Horizon
  • WrestleMania 14 – March 29, 1998 – Fleet Center
  • WrestleMania 15 – March 28, 1999 – First Union Center
  • WrestleMania 16 – April 2, 2000 – Arrowhead Pond
  • WrestleMania 17 – April 1, 2001 – Reliant Astrodome
  • WrestleMania 18 – March 17, 2002 – Skydome
  • WrestleMania 19 – March 30, 2003 – Safiko Field
  • WrestleMania 20 – March 14, 2004 – Madison Square Garden
  • WrestleMania 21 – April 3, 2005 – Staples Center
  • WrestleMania 22 – April 2, 2006 – Allstate Arena
  • WrestleMania 23 – April 1, 2007 – Ford Field
  • WrestleMania 24 – March 30, 2008 – Florida Citrus Bowl
  • WrestleMania 25 – April 5, 2009 – Reliant Stadium
  • WrestleMania 26 – March 28, 2010 – University of Phoenix Stadium
  • WrestleMania 27 – April 3, 2011 – Georgiadome
  • WrestleMania 28 – April 1, 2012 – SunLife Stadium
  • WrestleMania 29 – April 7, 2013 – MetLife Stadium
  • WrestleMania 30 – April 6, 2014 – Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  • WrestleMania 31 – March 29, 2015 – Lewis Stadium
  • WrestleMania 32 – April 3, 2016 – AT&T Stadium
  • WrestleMania 33 – April 2, 2017 – Camping World Stadium
  • WrestleMania 34 – April 8, 2018 – Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  • WrestleMania 35 – April 7, 2019 – MatLife Stadium
  • WrestleMania 36 – April 4 and 5, 2020 – WWE Performance Center
  • WrestleMania 37 – April 10 and 11, 2021 – Tampa, Florida
  • WrestleMania 38 – 2nd and 3rd April 2022 – AT&T Stadium, Dallas Texas
  • WrestleMania 39 – April 1st and 2nd 2023SoFi Stadium, California


WWW WrestleMania (39) 2023 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events of the year. With a stacked card spanning many different genres, there is sure to be something for everyone. If you’re planning on attending the event, be sure to purchase your tickets as soon as possible. And, if you can’t make it to New Orleans, don’t worry – the event will be broadcast live on WWE Network so that you can still enjoy all the drama and excitement. Thanks for reading!


Who will be in WrestleMania 2023?

A marquee match between undisputed WWE universal champion Roman Reigns and Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes will headline the events from SoFi Stadium over two days in Inglewood, California on Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2.

Who wins at WrestleMania 39?

At the same event, Roman Reigns became the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion by retaining SmackDown's Universal Championship and winning Raw's WWE Championship.

Where is next years WrestleMania 2023?

SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, home to the NFL's Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers hosts WrestleMania 39.

Who never lost in WrestleMania?

The Streak was a series of 21 victories for professional wrestler The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) at WWE's premier annual event, WrestleMania.

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