Yamaha RX100 Price In India 2023, Launch Date, Top speed, Mileage, Full Specifications & Features

Yamaha RX100 –If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, the Yamaha RX100 should be at the top of your list. This bike is versatile and reliable, perfect for those looking for an all-around motorcycle that can handle just about anything. In this blog post, we’ll explore all of the reasons why the Yamaha RX100 is such a great option and why it might be the perfect bike for you. We’ll discuss its features, its performance, and its unique design elements, so read on to learn more!

The best motorcycle, the RX100, has become an irresistible draw for Indian enthusiasts thanks to its outstanding performance. As Yamaha India Chairman Eishin Chihana has ensured, the motorcycle is all set to make a comeback recently. Chihana disclosed to a publication that the company anticipates reviving the RX100 brand. But he also said that it was a mistake to make an engine that was BS6-compliant and that even though the name tag will be on a new model, it will be inspiring to resurrect the real bike with a modern flavor.

Yamaha RX100 Price In India 2023

Looking to buy a Yamaha RX100 bike in India in 2023? Check out our latest article for all the details! In this article, we’ll discuss the features and specs of the RX100 bike, as well as its expected price in India in 2023. We’ll also give you a summary of the best RX100 bikes currently available on the market, so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. So whether you’re in the market for a new motorcycle or just want to be up-to-date on the latest trends, make sure to check out our blog!

The new Yamaha RX100 is a great commuter bike for people who want a bike that gets them where they need to go quickly and comfortably. The bike is available in one model and starts at Rs. 1 Lakh. Additionally, its expected launch date is December 2026. We’ll talk about the Yamaha RX 100’s design, features, specifications, buying process, and reviews here. The Yamaha RX 100 might be the best choice for you if you want a bike that can get you to work or anywhere else quickly and easily.


Yamaha RX100 Details 2023

Name of the Article Yamaha RX100 Price In India
Price 1 lakh
Category Automobile News
Official website www.yamaha-motor-india.com

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About Yamaha RX100

Yamaha likewise joined that the firm has an arrangement, and that making a bicycle of such well known height “can’t be a fast arrangement/choice”, and that it ought to “be a significant bundle with strong motor and plan.” Although introducing a modern version of the Yamaha RX100 after so many years may not be a good idea, the market would have already switched to electric scooters and bikes by then.

In the real world, Yamaha Counts ICE vehicles will have to meet the targeted emission levels. To illustrate, the BS7 standards may have also been implemented by 2026. In addition to stricter emissions regulations, the widespread use of lithium-ion batteries will reduce the cost of these batteries in the future. This will be advantageous to Yamaha in the event that the RX100 must be made electric.

Yamaha RX100 Launch Date In 2023

The Yamaha RX 100 is a street bike that is expected to be available in India in December 2026 for Rs. 1,00,000. This includes, among others, the Yamaha MT-07 and R7. Here, you can read additional information about the actual start dates for the two bikes. The Yamaha RX100 has the potential to continue to shine as a presentation-wrapped 100cc motorcycle—but only if Yamaha manages to cram in as many horses as possible into an engine that is restricted by strict discharge standards in the sea of typical traveler motorcycles.

Yamaha RX100 Features

According to Yamaha, the RX100 will be reintroduced in India. The launch’s schedule can be found here. Also worth a look is this Yamaha RX100 scrambler from the first generation, the FZ16. Presently times On the web, a video of the Yamaha RX100 being implicit India’s Escorts Yamaha plant has reemerged. A custom shop in Mumbai has given the RX100 a scrambler makeover. In the article above, the RX100 Scrambler is described in detail.


The New Yamaha RX 100 Design 100 was a simple motorcycle that didn’t have many fancy features and had modest but attractive looks. The plain ring-shaped headlights feature a flat single-unit seat, an analog instrument cluster, chrome fenders, an exhaust, and a headlamp casing. It was available in three colors and came with a crash bar, saree guard, and luggage carrier as accessories. Silver, blue, and red.

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The RX100‘s motor was a 98cc single-chamber unit that made 11PS at 7500rpm, which was air-cooled. The company also claimed a time of 7.5 seconds from 0 to 60 km/h. For enthusiasts at the time, the Yamaha RX100 was a no-brainer due to its flawless dependability and affordability. In point of fact, it was one of the most popular two-stroke machines in India prior to Yamaha’s introduction of the RX-G.


Yamaha went back to the drawing board and came up with the RX100. Nonetheless, Yamaha could not have predicted the RX100’s success and Yamaha rx 100 is giving mileage of 35-45 KMPL. as a result of their bold approach, and it is now known as the legend it is.


The fact that today’s collectors are still willing to pay hefty sums to acquire a well-maintained RX100 is the most obvious illustration of this. Additionally, the New Yamaha RX 100 is available in Silver, Blue, Red, and Black.

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The Yamaha RX100 is the ideal bike for riders seeking an affordable and dependable motorcycle due to its versatility and dependability. Therefore, the Yamaha RX100 is definitely something to think about if you’re looking for a bike that meets all of your requirements. The Rx 100 is a great option for city riders looking for a high-quality motorcycle at a reasonable price because it is dependable and simple to operate. It surpasses many well-known Indian bikes.


Yamaha RX 100 Specifications

You ought to be aware of all of the Yamaha RX-100‘s specific specifications prior to making a purchase. Because the specifications will assist you in determining whether the bike you intend to purchase is superior. The entire bike’s specifications can be found here: The Yamaha RX100 is the bike for you if you want a bike that is ideal for commuting in India. It is light, easy to transport, and comes equipped with safety-enhancing features like ABS brakes, cruise control, and an LCD monitor.

Displacement 98 cc
Engine Type Air-Cooled, Single-Cylinder, Gasoline 7 Port Torque Induction
No. of Cylinders 1
Max Power 11 PS @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque 10.39 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Front Brake Drum
Rear Brake Drum
Fuel Capacity 10 L
Body Type Commuter Bikes

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How To Book Online Yamaha RX100?

If you’re looking to buy a Yamaha RX100 BIKE, but don’t know how to go about it, this guide is for you! In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of booking your bike online, from start to finish. We’ll explain the different options available and help you choose the perfect method for getting your hands on one of Yamaha’s iconic motorcycles. So whether you’re in the market for a new bike or just want to make an online purchase easier, this guide is for you.

  • To begin, you must go to the Yamaha Official Website, which is yamaha-motor-india.com.
  • After that, you should have to go to the official website’s home page.
  • You shouldn’t have to look for the Yamaha RX-100 Booing option when you go to the home page.
  • Read all of the instructions and check the price.
  • After that, go to the Booking section and answer all of the questions there.
  • Lastly, finish the Booking Procedure.
  • Your preferred bike has already been reserved for you.
  • During the booking, you should have also been required to pay the appropriate amount.
  • Your delivery will be completed within a few days or months.


The Yamaha RX100 is a great option. This bike has a lot of great features, like being small and having a navigation system that’s easy to use. It also has a battery that can run for up to 180 minutes on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about running out of power while you ride. The RX100 is the ideal bike for Indian commuters. It has a plan and highlights that make it ideal for the Indian streets and workers. The bike has top-notch features and is very affordable in comparison to other bikes in its class. To learn more about this fantastic motorcycle, be sure to read the Yamaha RX100 review.

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Yamaha RX100 Price In India 2023, Yamaha RX100 Release Date, Yamaha RX100 Top speed, Yamaha RX100 Mileage, Yamaha RX100 Features will be very helpful for those who are looking to buy a bike. Yamaha RX100 Price In India 2023, Yamaha RX100 Release Date, Yamaha RX100 Top speed, Yamaha RX100 Mileage will help you to know the approximate price of the bike and when the bike is expected to be released in India. The full specifications of the bike will also be mentioned so that you know all the features of the bike. Overall, this blog is very helpful for those who are looking to buy a bike.


What is the expected price of Yamaha RX100?

The price of Yamaha RX100 is expected to be Rs. 1.00 Lakh.

What are the competitors of Yamaha RX100?

RX100 will be competed with TVS NTORQ 125, TVS Apache RTR 160 and TVS Raider.

Yamaha mileage and colours options in RX 100?

Yamaha went come back to the drawing board and come up with the RX100 northwless Yamaha qtv have predicted the rs 100 success and Mrs giving the mileage of 35 to 45 km per litre as a result of there bald approach and it is now known as the legend it is the most of vs example of this is that to this collectors are still will ask sums of money oven and wealth gifts also the new Yamha RX 100 is available in red blue white blue grey silver.

what is Yamaha RX100 design and style?

the new Yamha RX 100 design 100 was a basic and no frills motorcycle that can be the set of mode set yet at attractive looks and a single unit flat sheet and analogy instrument colosterol fantas and head lamp casing are all features of the plane ring shift his lights it came with accessories including a crash bar saree guard Andre like use career and was available in 3 colours red blue and silver.

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